A must have Visa for a relaxing holiday: “VISIT VISA”

Everybody is busy nowadays in working or making money so it’s very important for everyone to relax themselves. So traveling and visiting new places is the best medicine as it boosts the mental and physical health. For this the primary work is to apply for a Visit Visa.

Toursit Visa

What is a Visit Visa?

Visit Visa or Tourist Visa or Travel Visa: whichever you choose to say, is an official and legal document which provides the visit visa holder the right to travel and visit a particular country legally, which should be strictly for traveling and leisure purpose. The visit visa don’t entertain any rights for the visa holder to engage in any kind of business or investment activities. The visa holder must plan a predetermined stay in the particular foreign country.

Hassle-free steps to apply for a Visit Visa?

Fill the online form :

First and foremost work is to visit the appropriate government website of the particular destination country and the Visa application form must be filled. For applying for the Visit Visa the fees may differ according to the number of persons travelling. Single-entry visit visa fees differs from the multiple entry or family-entry visit visa fees. 

Passport, Photographs, Stamp & Scanning :

It’s very important to provide the passport and the passport sized photographs for the stamping and glueing purpose. Also the fingerprints are needed to be scanned for the holder’s authenticity and legal approval. This process takes very less time but it would be better to show up at the office a bit early before the time slot as it is on a first come first serve basis.

Documents Required :

  1. For applying for the visit visa exact and authentic documents are mandatory to be carried along with the person who is applying. For applying for the visit visa, the Visa Invitation Letter(VIL) is not mandatory, if the person brings a VIL only that would never decide whether to issue or deny a visa. However, the person applying for the visit visa is needed to carry the following documents for verification purposes which are: 
  • Police verification(NOC)
  • Address proof
  • Non-immigrant visa application
  • Application payment fee receipt
  • Passport
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Proof of the purpose of the trip, trip funding, and departing time assurity(employment proof or evidence would be enough)

Visa Interview :

The Visa Interview is a very significant and serious part of the visa application process. The interview is only applicable for the persons aging from 14 upto 79. The interview is generally not required if the person applying for the visit visa is 13 years and younger or 80 years and older. For Visa Renewal no interview is needed. The interview is not much time consuming, but the important and relevant questions asked are: 

  • If the person has any criminal record
  • If he is carrying all the supporting documents with him which includes any Visa Invitation Letter(VIL) is there with him or not
  • What is the purpose of the trip and for how long he desires to stay there
  • Where he will stay in the foreign country
  • How will he fund his trip

Visa Collection :

 Every country has different Visit Visa processing time. Its depends on the country’s Visa processing policies. So it’s very important to collect the Visa from the immigration officers after the processing ends.

Create your own Memories!

The above-given guidelines will definitely help you, your family and your beloved ones to obtain a hassle-free visit visa applying process, which will further led to relieve the stress and baggage behind to stay active and start new and fresh every time, creating everlasting memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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