Your new home can be in Australia : Settle down permanently

Australia is a very alluring country to travel. Being the most ultramodern, diverse and coolest country welcomes everyone. Australia is a hi-tech country, with hi-tech courses. Enjoy high business success rate by investing in Australia. It is among the top immigration destinations in the world. It offers plenty of new opportunities to new immigrants. The ongoing skill shortage across various industries of Australia has given chance to the young and talented to come, live and work here. 

The huge demand for skilled professionals is aggressively seeking immigrants. Over 190,000 professionals received Australian PR visas in 2018-19 and for 2019-20, a total of nearly 190,000 places are available for migrants. Skilled immigration visa is the easiest way to attain Australian citizenship.

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Visas you can avail

  1. Skilled Migration Visa : Skilled migration visas are specially designed for the foreign skilled workers, to meet the demand of the Australian labor market. designed for the foreign skilled workers, who meet the skills needed by the Australian Labor Market.Criterias to avail skilled migration visa :
  • Submit online EOI(Expression of Interest) on Skill Select
  • Must be a foreign skilled worker
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  1. Nominated/Sponsored Visa : Are you being nominated by a recognized Australian employer? Or being sponsored by Australian government agency? These types of visas are for the individuals, who meet the other requirements of sponsored or nominated visas. The requirements are :
  • A recognized an Australian employee
  • A territory or state authority
  • A government agency of a state or territory
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Benefits of an Australian PR Visa

  • Earn in dollars
  • Healthcare & retirement benefits
  • Live, work and study in any Australian state
  • Sponsor your relatives to join you in Australia
  • Australian passports give the advantage to travel visa free to a number of countries.
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Australia PR visa : Eligibility criteria

  • Required points: The candidates must score at least 65 points in the  Point’s Grid
  • Age limit: Age must be below 45 years
  • Language proficiency: It is required to prove at least competent level English language proficiency
  • Health and character assessment: The candidate should have good health and character
  • Skills: It is must for a candidate to have skills assessed. The Australian authorities assess the skills of the candidates
  • Occupation: The candidate must have an occupation nominated in Australia’s Skilled Occupation List
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Enjoy your dream destination

Australia being one of the advanced nations, is one of the favorite destinations for immigrants to settle down permanently. People coming from different backgrounds, cultures and societies integrate the people to stay in a multicultural and diverse place. It gives people the ability and chance to explore the unknown. So enjoy and create your own unique memories!!!

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